Gaurdian Bulletin Board

Being a guardian for Honor Flight Northern Colorado is a privilage. It is also a very rewarding experience. Many guardians become close freiends with their assigned vets and with each other. Many of our guardians also have gone on multiple flights because it is such a meaningful and rewarding experience.

HFNC receives 100s of guardian applications and tries to give everyone who applies the opportunity to serve in this capacity. However, our first responsibility is to our veterans. Therefore it is vital that we select both qualified and able bodied people to serve as guardians. In keeping with National Honor Flights guidelines we do not select guardians over 70 years old.

Guardian Flight Duties

The purpose of assigning guardians to our vets is simple...Safety. The duties of a guardian while on a flight are numerous. Depending on the individual needs of the veteran a guardian will have responsibility over up to 3 veterans. They will be responsible for the saftey and care of each those veterans. If a guardian is traveling with a veteran who is a family member they have equal resposibility to those assigned to them that are not family members and must give them the same attention.

Guardians will be attentive! They will help load, unload, and set up wheel chairs at each stop. They will make sure that their veterans take necessary medications. They will also make sure that their veterans drink plenty of water, keeping well hydrated, and eat as necessary. The guardian will know how to get a hold of flight medical personnel if needed.

Though being a guardian is a very rewarding experience it is crucial that they realize that this is not a pleasure trip. It is serious business with the added benefit of sightseeing and pleasure. Business and duty come first.

On-going Responsibilities

HFNC guardian duties do not end when their trip concludes. Guardians are highly relied upon as our most efficient source of communication with our veterans on an on-going basis. It is vital that you retain contact information for, and do not lose touch with, your assigned veterans. This page contains information pertaining specifically to our guardians, such as instructions, events, and schedules for required Guardian Briefings, etc. Both guardians from past flights and scheduled future flights should check this page often for new announcements.

May 2017 Flight Reunion BBQ

The Reunion BBQ for veterans and guardians on our May 2017 flight is scheduled for Sunday August 13th at the Greeley Evans Moose Lodge at 3456 11th Ave in Evans View Map. Guardians from that flight should contact their assigned veterans 2 to 3 weeks before to make sure that they are aware of the event and date. They need to confirm with them that it begins at 1300 and will include lunch, entertainment, and some gifts for them. Make sure they know that they are each allowed to bring 1 guest. Be sure they have the correct address and instructions on how to get there if necessary.

9 News Program Featuring HFNC

Guardians from our May 2017 flight should make an effort to let their assigned veterans know about a special broadcast that 9 News in Denver will be airing featuring HFNC. This is of special interest to the May flight veterans because a 9 News photo journalist was on that flight and many of them may be seen in the broadcast. The program will air on July 8, 2017 at 9:30pm on channel 20.

Guardian Briefings for September 2017 Flight

Those expecting to go as guardians on our September 2017 flight need to come back to this page often for updates on the required Guardian Briefings. Each guardian is required to attend the first briefing. Failure to attend the first briefing will result in removal from the guardian list for the flight. Those that selected are then required to attend one of two other briefings. See below for the briefing schedule.

Briefing 1
Place: Ault VFW
Address: 100 1st Ave; Ault, CO
Date: August 27, 2017
Time: 2:00pm

Briefing 2 Place: Farmers Bank
Address: 119 Larkspur St; Ault, CO
Date: September 8, 2017
Time 6:00pm

Briefing 3
Place: Farmers Bank
Address: 119 Larkspur St; Ault, CO
Date: September 10, 2017
Time 2:00pm